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Haverford Township Senior Administration

David Burman

Township Manager

Tim Denny

Assistant Township Manager

Director of Parks & Recreation

Aimee Cuthbertson

Assistant Township Manager

Finance Director

John Viola

Chief of Police

Jim Byrne

Township Solicitor

Dan Mariani

Acting Director of Public Works

Sign up for our Emergency Alert System


Click the logo to sign up for the Emergency Alert System for the Township and Delaware County 

Township Communication

Township Newsletter

The Township Newsletter is published quarterly and is mailed to every household in the Township.

WARD newsletters

Most commissioners publish newsletters or send email announcements to their constituents.  This is a great way to stay informed about neighborhood issues and town hall meetings.  Add yourself to your ward distribution list by emailing your commissioner.

Havagood times

The Havagood Times is published by the Parks & Recreation Dept in January, May & September each year.  It is mailed to every household and is available on the Township website.  You can save trees and money by opting out of receiving a copy in the mail by emailing with your name and mailing address.

public access channel

 The Township public access channels air commissioner meetings, school board meetings, PSAs from the Police Department, updates from State Rep. Greg Vitali, and notices about events, etc.

VERIZON: Government Channel is #38 and School District Channel is #40.

COMCAST: Government Channel is #5 and School District Channel is #8.

Municipal directory

 This directory is published annually and lists Township staff, commissioners, members of all the Township-appointed boards and commissions, terms of service and contact information. 

What Ward do I live in?

click map to find your ward


Who is my Commissioner?

steve d'emilio - ward 1


mario oliva - ward 2



kevin mccloskey - ward 3



daniel siegel - ward 4



andy lewis - ward 5



larry holmes - ward 6



james mcgarrity - ward 7



gerry hart - ward 8



bill wechsler - WARD 9



Who is my State Representative?

Mike Zabel


State Representative Mike Zabel serves the 163rd Legislative District

Greg Vitali


State Representative Greg Vitali serves the 116th Legislative District

Who serves on the Haverford School District Board?

Lawrence A. Feinberg, Board President

Kimberly Allen-Stuck, Ph.D., Vice-President